I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend! I’ll never forget coming home with little Elaine for the first time and thinking, “That’s it? No instructions?!”  But over the course of the next couple of weeks, Josh and I slowly figured out what a powerful guide mother’s (and dad’s) intuition can be.

Five years into mommyhood, I still think a set of instructions would be very helpful! So thank goodness for grandmas, aunties, godmothers, and those best friends who are like sisters…

Our campaign is all about championing families, especially moms!

Since 2014, more than 30,000 residents decided that Baltimore City wasn’t for them. The vast majority (66%) of the residents leaving Baltimore City are working-class moms and dads with school-age children. And they are leaving working class neighborhoods. 

I know we can change that.  
But we need to understand why working-class families are leaving.

What we can tell is that the parents haven’t felt they’ve had strong enough school options. They’re worried about keeping their children safe. And many aren’t making enough money in the city to give their families more.

From the start, my campaign has been dedicated to holding onto Baltimore’s families. 
 With residents, I’m already doing the work of making working-class neighborhoods safer, healthier, and wealthier.

We’re fighting for repaired sidewalks, pedestrian-level street lighting, strong schools to anchor the neighborhood, greener neighborhoods, and the complete absence of gun violence. And very importantly, we’re fighting for higher incomes.

Every mom’s wish is to keep their little one’s safe and protected and to be sure they have what they need to thrive.  By working together, we can make Baltimore City a haven for families.

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