China Boak Terrell’s background as a lawyer and legislative counsel make her your most effective champion for District 40 in the Maryland Legislature. Resources 

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Community Resources

Map of District 40

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How does a MD Delegate help me?

The Job of a Delegate

Delegates in the Maryland legislature help get financial resources for your District. And they help you navigate state resources, when needed. For example, during the COVID-19 crisis, many Maryland citizens called their legislators for help when they could not reach the Maryland Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance. These are very practical ways in which delegates serve their constituents. 

As part of the legislature, delegates also make laws and conduct oversight.  They have specific duties listed in the Maryland constitution.  These include:

  • Passing laws for the general welfare of the State; 
  • Passing the annual State operating budget; 
  • Levying taxes; 
  • Imposing fees; 
  • Proposing State constitutional amendments that voters can ratify; 
  • Advising and consenting to certain Executive Branch and Judicial Branch appointments that the Governor makes; 
  • Impeaching officials; 
  • Selecting the State Treasurer; 
  • Overriding gubernatorial vetoes of legislation;
  • Passing public local laws (a shared power with Baltimore City); 
  • Regulating elections; 
  • Licensing and regulating the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages; and
  • Oversee expenditures and activities in the Executive branch.

The General Assembly

As background, the Maryland legislature, formally known as the General Assembly, holds the lawmaking powers of the State.  It has two houses – the 47-member Senate and the 141-member House of Delegates (Const., Art. III, sec. 1). Thus, the legislature has 188 members total. One senator and three delegates are elected from each of the 47 legislative election districts. After the United States census, legislative district boundaries are redrawn to conform to the principle of “one person/one vote”.  The current boundaries will be redrawn in 2022.

For more detailed information, see Maryland Legislator’s Handbook, Legislative Handbook Series Volume, 2018.   

Who represents me now?

Enter your address at’s “Who are Your Elected Officials” to know the legislators who represent you now.  You will also be able to confirm your congressional and legislative districts.

To know all your elected officials, including Baltimore City, enter your address at Common Cause. You can skip directly to seeing the representatives without signing up for an email list.

Where do I vote in 2022?

In a world changed by the COVID-19 crisis, get the most up to date voting information looking up your Polling Place, sponsored by the Maryland State Board of Elections.

Annapolis, USA – August 16, 2017. Inside the House Chamber in Maryland State House, Annapolis, Maryland.