Please take a look at what is by far the hottest thing I’ve ever built with the coolest artist-designers, engineers and fabricators in the USA. But guess what—they are all from Baltimore!

We just built The Beacon—Last Mile Park’s first permanent artistic lighting installation in a working-class neighborhood in Baltimore. To paraphrase Cory Booker, absolutely nothing can steal my joy today….

My most cherished endorsement ever is from Frankie who walked by and was surprised to learn this was my project. Here’s what he said: Frankie’s Endorsement 

This is a miracle project. There is no other way to describe the result, given the challenges we overcame. As my dear mentor Ms. Brooks would say, “Just look at God….”

Without a doubt, we need more infrastructure and world class public art all across Baltimore City. 

To get rid of vacants in 10 years, we have to make the opportunities to invest where those vacants are clustered much more valuable. I’m talking about parks, public art beyond the mural, strong schools…ultimately, grocery stores and banks.

We can make neighborhoods safer, help longtime residents build wealth, and attract homeowners with amenities.   With your partnership, collaboration and votes, I can deliver this kind of positive change for you in District 40 (and 44A) in Baltimore City.

I’m already doing the work.  I need your support today.  I cannot wait to represent you.