As the unofficial start to fall has passed, we can reflect together on the events that happened 20 years ago from today. In the photo above, Police Officer Moira Smith rescues an injured man. She went back to help others and sacrificed her own life.

One of my best friends from high school lost her mom when the plane crashed into the Pentagon. I remember her mom’s strong presence and devotion to her family.

I was a law clerk then for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page. I watched the coverage in utter disbelief from the Justice’s chambers, along with Nick (the other clerk), Laurel (the Executive Assistant), and Justice Page.

My soon-to-be-husband was forever changed when oversleeping that morning caused him to miss accompanying a friend to the friend’s job. Instead my honey rushed to the train station to catch a flight. He and the friend were headed to West Street, where the World Trade Center stood. The friend escaped the trauma alive.

9/11 is not an easy day and should never be forgotten. The tragic acts that took place forever changed our world for how it is today.

I hope you will share what you remember of 9/11 with your loved ones. And if you weren’t born yet or are too young to remember, I hope you will ask others where they were on that day.

Today, we honor those whose lives were lost or forever changed. We pray for our country and for continued wisdom for those who lead.

Not many folks may know that I love country music. In honor of 9/11, I’m sharing with you one of my favorites:
Let me know please if it touches you.

As September continues, our campaign is kicking into full gear. In the home stretch now, we will be hosting fundraisers and continuing to connect with each of you.