Notwithstanding the many inspiring leaders I know and incredible initiatives I’ve seen (and led) in our great city, I struggled this summer with my own disillusionment over the so-called “way things are done” in Baltimore.

But conformity is not an option.

Corruption is a key barrier to opportunity and one’s sense of freedom and security—whether it comes from within the community itself, its elected leaders, or from business leaders.

Fair opportunity and corruption can’t live side-by-side for long. Instead, corruption erodes one’s faith in possibility and the very power of community.

Integrity in leadership requires a daily exercise of vigilance and reflection. And integrity in governance requires strong competition and transparency.

These are foundational to rebuilding District 40, reinvigorating West Baltimore, and weaving one healthy Baltimore that stands tall among its sister counties in Maryland.

While a number of strong anti-corruption measures have been implemented recently, corruption has also continued.

To ensure integrity in governance, we need to answer some crucial questions:

  1. Why is corruption continuing in the face of recent anti-corruption measures?
  2. What targeted approaches are needed to close the loops on corruption?
  3. How can Maryland and Baltimore City work more collaboratively to end corruption at both the state and city levels?

For greater integrity in governance, I support as a Democrat:

  • Mandatory release of tax returns for candidates in the year of election and for elected officials each year that the elected official holds the seat. This is the biggest, boldest step to helping politicians monitor themselves.
  • Open primaries where the top two vote-getters (regardless of party affiliation) advance to the general. This would strengthen voter turnout, build a more informed electorate, and help allow for public mandates.
  • Low, fair real and personal property taxes for all. This would allow residents and small businesses to benefit from some of the same breaks available to larger corporations and developers. It would also reduce the power that politicians have to provide those breaks.

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2022, is election day!
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