Yesterday was an especially moving and heart-full moment when my husband and I sent Elaine to the first day of her last year of preschool. What a journey.

Even as I type, my eyes fill just thinking about how much our four-and-a-half-year-old has grown up during the pandemic.

As I send Elaine back to school with great pride and joy, my heart goes out to the many families with loved ones who did not survive the COVID-19 crisis to see the many texts and posts of back-to-school photos. We remember you.

In August, I also reclaimed rest. The pandemic taught us that while the need is great—especially in our beautiful Baltimore—we are better at rising to many life’s many challenges with more rest (not less). And ample time for reflection can bring our greatest moments of clarity and enlightenment about the path forward.

News reports in August confirmed what our campaign has been sharing for over a year now. Baltimore is experiencing a stunning population loss driven by the working poor, and largely post-Freddie Gray.

People in Baltimore are voting with their feet. West Baltimore and District 40 in particular, are among the most severely affected.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll lay out a vision for reinvigorating and rebuilding District 40. I’ll tie the vision for our District to a broader vision for Baltimore City and the state of Maryland as a whole.

Spoiler alert, our campaign’s mission critical focus is pushing affordability to the next level, which is the ability to build wealth. I’ll lay out what I can do as a state delegate to promote integrity in leadership, public safety, and improved education. And I’ll lay out how we can provide seniors greater financial security and raise incomes for every Marylander.

The great news is that the challenges we face are absolutely solvable. The even-better news is that the vision that we are laying out comes from you—from the many voices we’ve heard door-knocking.

You will know from our vision that I hear you and I see you. What you tell me and our volunteers on your doorstep is vital for the future of our city and our state.

Our campaign is about making every resident safer, healthier and wealthier. Your safety. Your health. Your wealth. Never has there been a more right time for this message or for our campaign.

Please join us today. And please invite others by sharing this post with at least three others.