June 12th is a very special day for our family.

Known as “Loving Day”, it’s the annual celebration of the United States Supreme Court decision of Loving v. Virginia.

In a unanimous 1967 decision, the US Supreme Court struck down state laws against interracial marriage.

The Loving case served us again in 2015, when it anchored the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down laws against gay marriage.

The Lovings’ memorable story and very fitting name are part of a larger and continuing struggle for equality.

My husband and I had a small wedding to officially get married, but we had a large celebration with both of our families on Loving Day.

Now it is a family tradition to acknowledge and do something special on June 12th!

This day represents love without boundaries. As a proud interracial family this day means so much to us.

And as a proud ally with my LGBTQIA+ family, it means so much more.