​I stand with the residents of 21217 in demanding an end to food deserts. There are mission-minded grocers willing to come to open full-service grocery stores in Baltimore. 

That we have food deserts has been a policy choice. We can end them by partnering with experienced, mission-minded operators to full-service, quality grocery stores with about 10,000 SF of space.

Operators like Good Food Markets need funding for the full costs of a build-out and for the first one-to-two years of operational costs. A 10-year credit for personal property taxes is not enough to get good, community-minded operators to open stores in food deserts. 

With the stimulus money flowing into Baltimore, we finally have the money to pilot such a partnership.

Thanks to Doc Cheatham for his leadership and the opportunity to speak at the Rally for Voter Registration and against Food Deserts on June 15, 2021.