We need strong women who will champion women’s rights in public office. Today’s US Supreme Court decision is our mandate to build a pipeline of women for public office, at every level. 

I’m one of the public servants you can help put in office. Will you please consider donating to my campaign today?  There are a myriad of protections we need to put in place at the state level. 

The pipeline starts at local offices, like Delegate to the Maryland legislature. And of course, many women succeed with state-level positions, before they take the fight to Congress.  

We also need strong candidates who will champion LGBTQIA rights.  In Maryland, we’ve had deeply disturbing setbacks this year—especially with letting LGBTQIA youth know that they are welcome and accepted in public schools.  

I feel great about where I stand to win this election, but we need just $6000 more to ensure that every voter gets our message. Will you please donate today?

The women-led liberal wing of the Supreme Court represents the power of putting women in the pipeline: Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kaga, and Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Will you please help put me in the pipeline today?