Affordable and convenient transit is crucial for the long-term vitality of any economy. In and around Baltimore, we face mammoth transit challenges that require truly visionary and collaborative thinking to solve.

Baltimore’s public treasures, such as Druid Hill Park and Jones Falls, are encircled or covered by busy freeways that threaten pedestrians and discourage outdoor recreation. We have a severely aging infrastructure. We have changing values and behaviors around what cars we purchase and how much we drive. And, as we age, our mobility changes too.

Of course, we need to build the redline. We also need to maintain the Marc train and improve the underground tunnels that both Marc and Amtrak use. And we need to entirely revamp the Maryland Transportation Trust Fund. After the red line debacle, there is a serious concern about the powerlessness of Baltimore’s representation in making transit decisions.

We need a system that, for every dollar invested, does the greatest good for the most people. As your delegate, my value would be that for transit to work, it must work for the working class and for older adults.

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