To honor the military personnel who have died in their performance of military duties, our campaign commits to care for their brethren who remain and may still be in distress.

Not many folks know that I was born on the Marine base in Oceanside, California, where my dad was stationed. My dad served in the Marines, as did all of my beloved uncles and two aunts on my dad’s side, who served in other branches as well. 

Thank you to each woman and man (and their families) who has sacrificed to protect the incredible democracy our nation has become. 

Our nearly 245-year history tells us that we are not yet a perfect union. But what I’m so grateful for, is that we are still marching undeterred toward becoming one. The women and men who serve our country defend that march.

When I’m elected delegate to the Maryland legislature, I will do all in my power to ensure that every community in Maryland—especially Baltimore City—has ended homelessness for veterans. We call it getting to functional zero for veterans. 

(And yes, we’ll end it for everyone, especially children and teens too. In honor of Memorial Day, we’re focusing on our veterans.) 

With the right resources, we can know who and where our homeless veterans are; with patience, we can reach them; and once we do, we can ensure that there is supportive housing—both permanent and transitional—located in thriving communities to give our veterans the best possible chance for positive change.

In 2016, I co-authored a paper on supportive housing models for the homeless while interning at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. And of course in DC, I worked extensively on homelessness issues as General Counsel for the Committee on Human Services for the District Council.

Thank you for reflecting with me and our volunteers and honoring the military personnel who have died in their performance of military duties.

In the grainy photo above, I’m with my mom at the beach in Oceanside, CA. (I’m the one on my mom’s lap with the baby bottle!).