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In Baltimore, we are hungry for good governance. We want our public officials to use the power and resources of government to make decisions that meet our needs. But that use must be legitimate, accountable, and effective. We want public officials to put the People first and themselves no where in the equation.

Our campaign believes that the cornerstones of good governance are integrity, public trust, transparency, and accountability. I am 100% committed to keeping our campaign above reproach. This means my team and I will exercise integrity in every decision and earn your trust through our actions. We will be transparent, holding ourselves accountable to you the voter and to the laws and regulations of the land.

Our campaign advocates for strengthened anti-corruption laws and for preventative action at the state and local levels. As a first step toward ensuring appropriate anti-corruption measures, our state needs a thorough risk assessment and context analysis.

While a number of strong anti-corruption measures have been implemented recently, corruption has also continued. A risk assessment and context analysis will help us answer these crucial questions:

  1. Why is corruption continuing in the face of recent anti-corruption measures?
  2. What targeted approaches are needed to close the loops on corruption?
  3. How can Maryland and Baltimore City work more collaboratively to end corruption at both the state and city levels?

Action Items:

  • Action Item #1: Fund a risk assessment and context analysis to make recommendations for closing anti-corruption loopholes and strengthening collaboration between the State and Baltimore City.
  • Action Item #2: Fund and implement recommendations from the risk assessment and context analysis.
  • Action Item #3: Mandate release of tax returns for candidates in the year of election and for elected officials each year that the elected official holds the seat. This is the biggest, boldest step to helping politicians monitor themselves.
  • Action Item #4: Allow for open primaries where the top two vote-getters (regardless of party affiliation) advance to the general. This would strengthen voter turnout, build a more informed electorate, and help allow for public mandates. 
  • Action Item #5: Implement low, fair real and personal property taxes for all.  This would allow residents and small businesses to benefit from some of the same breaks available to larger corporations and developers. It would also reduce the power that politicians have to provide those breaks.
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