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In Baltimore, we’re hungry for good governance. We want public officials to put the people first, not themselves.

Our campaign believes that the cornerstones of good governance are integrity, public trust, transparency, and accountability.

I am 100% committed to keeping our campaign above reproach. This means my team and I will exercise integrity in every decision and earn your trust through our actions. We will be transparent. We will hold ourselves accountable to you and to the laws of the land. We invite your scrutiny. If ever a mistake is made, I look forward to correcting it immediately.

Our campaign fights for strengthened anti-corruption laws. Rather than being reactionary, we need to study the issue holistically:

  1. Why is corruption continuing despite new anti-corruption laws in Baltimore?
  2. What should we be doing to make corruption less likely?
  3. How can Maryland and Baltimore City work more collaboratively to end corruption?

Action Items:

  • Action Item #1: Study the issue. We need holistic recommendations for fighting corruption. We also need stronger collaboration between the State and Baltimore City.
  • Action Item #2: Get it done. We need to do swiftly whatever is recommended in the plan.
  • Action Item #3: Mandate release of tax returns for candidates during election year and for elected officials each year they’re in office. This is the biggest, boldest step to helping politicians monitor themselves.
  • Action Item #4: Allow for open primaries where the top two vote-getters (regardless of party affiliation) advance to the general. This would strengthen voter turnout, build a more informed electorate, and help allow for public mandates. There is no public mandate when politicians win office with only a fraction of the vote. This is good for no one, least of all Baltimore City.
  • Action Item #5: We need a competitive economy.  Anti-competition is the mother of corruption. Fairer tax policies should reduce the power that politicians have to provide breaks to those who can line their pockets. Unfortunately, Baltimore’s high-taxes coupled with poor services have led to the kind of anti-competition that breeds corruption.

Additional anti-corruption resources:

China’s 2021 Taxes

Integrity in politics begins with personal accountability. For this reason, my family’s 2021 taxes are available for inspection. For safety and professional reasons, I have redacted our social security numbers, street address, and my husband’s and our daughter’s middle and last names. To review my taxes, please click here.

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