Happy Thanksgiving! This November we continue reaching out to voters, very safely of course, and sharing our message more broadly.  

Last Wednesday (Nov. 18), I was a panelist for a Johns Hopkins lecture called,  Living for the City, Women’s Health in 21st Century Baltimore” . In case you missed it, together we must:

  1. Draft a bold plan to support women during recession. The data says, Baltimore beats the recession if women beat the recession.
  2. Make women safer, healthier by eliminating 40K vacancies. The data says, slash property taxes to a competitive rate to end vacancies at scale. Right now, vacancies outpace demos and rehabs.
  3. Help women earn more from equal work. The data says, we’ll boost Baltimore’s economic activity if women can spend more from their wages.
  4. Help women feel they have the luxury to pursue preventative health care. We need universal health care in Maryland. Period. There’s an interesting bill for this upcoming session that would bring back Health Equity Zones under a new name—Health Equity Resource Communities. This could help make getting health care more convenient in areas where health is poor. And we must press forward on health care for all.
  5. Embrace the fast-growing group of women who have been incarcerated. Override the veto on Maryland SB684 and get a Pre-release Unit for Women—for them and the health of the many women who love them.

Remember, this campaign is about making every resident safer, healthier and wealthier in Baltimore. To that end, women are a crucial focus for our campaign. Women represent the majority of Baltimore’s population and the majority of Baltimore’s workforce. Building up the city means understanding what women need and building them up too.