When people are healthy, economies grow. Pure and simple. Small businesses can better manage health insurance costs, sharing more profits with workers. Families are less stressed and can spend money on other needs. And people can live longer, happier lives. With the only all-payer system in the nation and an uninsured rate that is shy of 7%, Maryland is almost there. We can do better for everyone and our economy if we go all the way.

For Maryland, I support building on the Affordable Care Act, expanding government insurance options, and improving drug coverage.

I am for automatic enrollment in health insurance. And I want Maryland to expand insurance coverage for undocumented immigrants.

I know what it is like to suddenly need expensive surgery. I was lucky enough to have good insurance when I discovered I needed emergency open heart surgery in 2005. And I hear you at your doors today letting me know that affording health care is one of your biggest worries. I hear you telling me you are worried about how you will pay $400 for a single dosage of medicine.

Vital doses of medicine should not cost you the same as a monthly car payment. And access to quality health care should never depend on where you live, how much money you have, or your race, gender or age. We can build on the incredibly unique structure we have. Doing so will save you money and provide crucial support to our small businesses.

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