I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving & Native American Day!

I am so thankful for you and your help on this campaign. I hope you’re enjoying time with family and friends.

This Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for eight years of marriage as of November 23! Woohoo! Josh, Elaine, and I stole away to wild and wonderful West Virginia to celebrate our eight years.

Please respond back with what you are most thankful for, and photos of your favorite thanksgiving dish!

And please check out November’s issue of Baltimore Magazine on Page 58! (click sentence)

One thing I’ve seen firsthand is the role that art can play in beautifying our city and linking neighborhoods.

Baltimore Magazine just profiled a permanent artistic light installation developed as part of my work with the nonprofit I lead. It will make Baltimore more radiant. And it will create another opportunity for investment and spending to flow into communities that have been isolated from wealth.

What’s exciting is that this is the first artistic light installation in a low-income neighborhood in Baltimore City! Working together, it will not be the last.

The Arts and economic uplift go hand in hand.

Once elected, I’ll be a reliable champion for local artists and the Arts:

  • We need more connection points for youth to explore their space in the arts.
  • Individual artists need live-work spaces and stronger benefactor support so that they have more time to hone their craft.
  • Arts collectives and organizations need stronger grant and benefactor support. A shared goal is to get more residencies, fellowships, and programming allowing artists to push to the very limits of their creativity.

With all the incredible, local talent we have in our city, we can and should fund making Baltimore renowned in the world as THE place to be for the Arts.

HUGE congratulations to the Baltimore School for the Arts (District 40!) for the High School Edition of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Louder Than Words” … Indeed, actions speak louder than words! And that’s what this campaign is about.